Since 1947, the World Festivals of Youth and Students (held every 4 years) have brought together young women and men from all over the world to celebrate their common struggle for progress, peace and social justice – and against imperialism, war and exploitation.


The first World Festival of Youth and Students was part of a movement born after the victory of people throughout the world against Nazi-fascism in WWII. Fascism and extremism have always been instruments in the hands of imperialist ruling classes to divide brother from brother, and sister from sister – and to exploit, oppress and take away our rights.

Today, fascist, extremist, xenophobic and other divisive beliefs are rising again in many countries. Meanwhile, the ruling classes and their banks and monopoly businesses try to find a way out of their crises and make the workers and young people pay – taking away their access to education, jobs, housing, health and culture. The imperialist countries are flexing their muscles in order to maintain their power and markets: leading to wars, occupations, death, forced migration and refugees, and the violation of our basic human rights.


That’s why today – now more than ever – it is necessary for young people and students to stand united with workers of all counries against imperialism, fascism, colonialism, war, occupation and discrimination – and for a new world of peace, equality, solidarity, friendship and social justice.

This October, help build a better future. Join our Delegation to the World Festival of Youth and Students and show the world what young people are fighting for.

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If you have any questions, you can learn more about the Festival and the Delegation, as well as write to us, here.

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The British Delegation National Preparatory Committee