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On this page, you will find further information about the World Festival of Youth and Students (WFYS), the organising body the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY), and the British Delegation.

The World Festival is taking place in Sochi, a city in the southwest of the Russian Federation, famous for being a seaside resort on the Black Sea and most recently site of the Winter Olympics, where the weather is almost Mediterranean.

You can watch a short, humorous video of the city in Russian below.

Young people have been facing imperialist aggression in this region lately: the resurgence of fascism in many countries, the anti-people policies of the European Union and national governments in countries like Greece, and growing militarism.

So, at a time when the imperialist ruling classes are trying to set us against each other, we will instead come together for peace, solidarity and progress, keeping the legacies of the WFYS and anti-imperialist struggle alive!

Together with the Russian people, and 30 years since the last World Festival in Europe, this year we will honour the indispensable sacrifice of the Soviet Union in defeating Nazi-fascism in WWII and contributing a huge amount to peace and democracy in post-war Europe.

In addition, we will commemorate 100 years since the Great October Socialist Revolution of 1917, which birthed a new world where socialism was possible in the form of the Soviet Union. Many anti-fascist, anti-colonialist and anti-imperialist movements all over the world were massively aided by the support of the Soviet Union.

Africa overpower colonisers
“The people of Africa shall overpower the colonisers!”

We will also celebrate the 70th anniversary of the festival movement and its values, beginning in Prague in 1947, and the 60th anniversary of the legendary WFYS held in Moscow in 1957.

Finally, as it has become tradition to dedicate the WFYS to important figures, this World Festival will be dedicated to Ernesto Che Guevara and Mohamed Abdelaziz. This year it will be 50 years since the assassination of Che, whereas Mohamed Abdelaziz has dedicated his life to the anti-colonialist struggle and Western Saharan independence.

This Festival is a historic, once-in-a-lifetime experience of politics and fun with other young people from across the world, so click here to reserve a place on the Delegation now!

The World Festival of Youth and Students is organised by the World Federation of Democratic Youth, an international federation of anti-imperialist youth groups established after WWII.

This website was created by the Young Communist League (YCL), the youth wing of the Communist Party of Britain, on behalf of the British Delegation National Preparatory Committee. The National Preparatory Committee is organised by the YCL and the Young Socialists, who are affiliates of WFDY in Great Britain.

If you or your organisation would like to be involved in preparations for the World Festival, such as hosting events or fundraising for your trip, we would love to hear from you. Please use the form below and we will get back to you.